Ice Beard

An old Barbarian who lives on a mountain peak behind Moonmist village

20 Str 11 AC
14 Con 41 HP
10 Dex 19 Fort
10 Int 12 Ref
8 Wis 12 Will
11 Cha

Weapon: Vangaurd Sword +1


A strange old man who wants very little to do with the villagers of Moonmist and for the most part the feeling is mutual. Everyone is surprised to find the man beardless when they meet him and no one seems to know where the name came from. Walking into his small hut, Ice Beard sits quitely on the floor wrapped from head to toe in animal furs and hides. It would take an incredible knowledge of nature to ever be able to discern all the animals that make up this mans wardrobe. Positioned on the wall is his Greatsword. The hut is dimly lit by a small fire in the center. Through the soft glow of the smoke filled air dried meat and vegetables hang from the ceiling. There is a small hand carved table with a single chair in the corner. The table is filled with string, yarn, small knives, and various pieces of hide. The beardless Ice Beard sits meekly in the center of the hut saying nothing, only staring deep into the fires.

Ice Beard

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