The Ghend'n Plains


So we ended the first encounter the other night quite successfully. With a few well timed dice rolls the Kobold skirmishers were demolished. The party looted their corpses and found a few unbroken javelins, some gold, and seven pieces of what appears to be white dragon scales. As they entered the next corridor it was noticed that the wall appeared less than solid and less than natural. With a few mighty swings of Fargrim’s hammer the wall came crashing down. After the crash of stone the cave remained eerily quiet. Behind the wall was a long skinny room with a pool of water that was small in circumfrence but seemingly deep. No one ventured too close to it because of the loose rocks that seemed to be hanging above. However, near the pool of water was their first treasure chest. In the chest was a slightly ornate longsword, some extremely soft leather boots, and plenty of gold to go around. Only Fargrim ventured into the room and so he graciously brought out the treasures for all. Kirk, the human ranger, was given both the boots and the sword. The gold was then divided up among the other three. The adventurers made their way into one other room. In this room they found a much larger pool of water in which everyone gained back a little more health after taking a drink. They then filled up their water skins. Fargrim decided to swim to the bottom of the pool after removing his armor and there seemd to be a tunnel headed north. Imogen then dove in to cast light in order to see how far the tunnel went. They decided to not risk swimming it. Instead we ended the night there on a short rest.



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