The Ghend'n Plains

Chasing Bane

A number of things have happened over the past few sessions. First, the PC’s were able to rescue the children and return them safely to Moonmist. Upon their return to the village they were recieved with a mixed reception. Some blamed the PC’s for their neglegence while others praised them for their heroics. Keallie’s mother took special interest in the PC’s, particulary Fargrim. The two of them spent much of the night talking about Anna’s late husband, Varas. Varas was an elf and a member of the Ghend’n Rangers before he met Anna and the people of Moonmist. The PC’s learned that Varas had a great deal of influence in the stabilization of Moonmist’s Stronghold. Shortly after the village was complete he died in an Orc raid. Also, speaking with Anna the PC’s realized they left behind a valuable sword which Anna had alot of questions about. They decided to rest for the night and return to the cave the next day inorder to retrieve the sword. When they returned to the cave it was not as they had left it. Kobold bodies layed strewn about, torn to pieces. Also the statue that had been the center piece of one of the rooms was now gone and a ghost hovered above a strange sacraficial pit. The ghost was friendly. Her name was Lillith and she was a member of the Ghend’n rangers. Her spirit was bound to the statue as a guardian but the magic that was used to release Bane from his stone prison rendered her almost useless. She could only admonish the PC’s to chase quickly after Bane who had gone in search of the dragon being raised in the depths of the cave. Deeper into the cave led the PC’s to a series of Kruthik tunnels. It is in these tunnels that they wander, trying to find Bane before its too late.



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