The Ghend'n Plains

A Call for Help

Those Damn Dirty Kruthik's!

Our adventure opened at Moonmist Village, in the northern region of the Ghend’n Plains. The adventurers had been sent for inorder to help the village rid the surrounding area of the Kruthiks that where plagueing Moonmist’s hunting expeditions. All of the men in the village were away at war when our adventurers arrived so several of the village children wasted no time in leading them to the closest hive. Arriving at the outskirts of the hive, camp was set and everyone went to sleep. When the adventurers woke the next morning the children were missing but all of their belongings where left behind. After carefully examening the camp site they were able to track the children to a near by cave. They entered the cave and were met by several Kobold skirmishers. It was in the heat of this battle that our first session had to come to an end.



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